About Us

who we are

My name is Björn Birgersson and I live in Sweden, in a forest outside a small village in Dalarna. Where I live in peace, forging knives. I made my first knife handle and sheath when I was 12 years old. I started doing the whole process including the blade in 2009. From that on I knew this was what I wanted to do for a living. My real journey as a bladesmith started when I experienced the potential of laminated blades. That steered me into Japanese bladesmithing. Then I realized I needed to have the machinery and tools they had, but they were pretty much impossible to buy. So, I had to build them.

Together with my father, I built the machinery that I needed to start learning the Japanese way of making knives. And now after 10 years, I live my dream as a bladesmith in my own workshop on my own property. Blood sweat and tears have been spilled in the process of perfecting my technique of this fantastic craft. I focus on the quality of the steel, to get the best performing blade I can possibly make. Does it get better than that?